What is AgSciToday?

AgSciToday is a netcast that can be found at www.agscitoday.com as well as iTunes, stitcher, and tunein; where Tim Zweber (@zweberfarms) and Stephanie Neal (@science_cow) take real peer reviewed research that pertains to agriculture and discuss it in an understandable and entertaining way. “We’re taking PhD level ideas and giving you the undergrad level background to understand them with a little editorializing on how we think they might be applied to keep things interesting” ~Stephanie Neal. We do interviews to reveal the backstories of how the science was done and a glimpse into the personalities and humor of those carrying out the research. To maintain trust and integrity in what we broadcast we select research based on its quality and we cite differing views when we are aware of them and they are scientific in basis.

How Did AgSciToday Come To Be?

Tim spends a lot of time driving around tractors and skid loaders and to pass the time constructively he listens to podcasts, a lot of them about science. “It seems that there aren’t enough science podcast put out each week to make it through even one full day worth of work.” “Many times science podcasts touch on agriculture but there were none dedicated totally to it until now.”~Tim Zweber. Out of these frustrations the idea to make a science podcast about agricultural research was born. Tim contacted his twitter friend Stephanie Neal and she jumped at the offer. “I was thrilled Tim had thought to contact me with this project! I had been contemplating different ways to communicate science and research to a broader audience, and Ag Sci Today was a perfect fit.” ~Stephanie Neal. Within a week the first episode was recorded and on the internet. Since then we’ve been putting out “weeklyish” episodes and are loving all the great people we are interviewing and science we learn along the way.